An ERP, popularly known as Enterprise Resource Planning Software, is a tool used by millions of businesses globally to plan their resources & strategies on ROI (Return on investment) basis. It results in maximum production rates and results. An ERP is a software platform with a common database into which data from different business units and departments are imported and integrated. That helps businesses to streamline their entire business activities and improve operational efficiency.

Key Features of ERP Software

An ERP itself is a feature-rich application that replaces the hectic documentation and reporting tasks in businesses and improves its operational excellence through a user-friendly application interface. Being the best ERP software in UAE, RealSoft offers the following key features to its customers.

  • Tight integration between all resources of the business and well connected with Business Process Management
  • Scalable Work-flow Management
  • Artificial Intelligence based Business Administration
  • Feature-rich Dashboards with KPIs
  • Real-time Alerts, Triggers, and Reminders
  • Integration with External Applications and APIs
  • Online Authorization through emails or Mobile applications
  • Adaptable Business Process Designing capability
  • Document Management and user-based access privileges
  • Customizable and Programmable Interfaces
  • Easy Installation and Migration of data
  • Faster Deployment of business process
  • International Standards & Concepts
  • Customization Possibilities

These are some of the basic functions of the ERP system. REALSOFT guarantees added benefits of many extended & inbuilt features to its users.

Benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution

The key benefits of ERP are as follows;

  • Easier sales forecasting
  • Chronicle-wise data
  • Easier synchronization across departments
  • A detailed and quick analysis of sales, revenue, receivables, payables, and cash flow
  • Field customization options
  • Fetch Real-time data and reports
  • Easier data analysis and reporting
  • Real-time data tracking and visibility
  • Instantaneous data comparisons
  • User-friendly interface and entry systems
  • Intelligent reminders and notifications
  • Access controls and e-authorizations
  • Strong vendor support and quick troubleshooting
  • Faster and responsive modules
  • Define hierarchy and approvals
  • Set multi-currency and exchange rates
  • Review and fetch multi-level job costing
  • Tailor-made to meet unique business models
  • Key performance indicators
  • VAT enabled

Core ERP Modules – Reengineer your business strategy

RealSoft, being agile and custom-made to different businesses, enhances the operational excellence and productivity in any business. It provides you with several modules to meet your core business activities with the utmost control and vision.

  • Finance & Accounting

RealSoft lets you automate all the financial accounting requirements and facilitates a smooth workflow within the organization. It helps in calculated decision making and support you to trace and work on the entire financial details from a centralized database. Realsoft’s Finance & Accounting module gives you international standards and quality along with multiple company, currency, language, and several other features.

  • Procurement & Inventory

The purchase department is the most crucial department which controls and limits the spending pattern in a company. Procurement module allows the user to manage complex inventory, purchase history, local purchase orders, stock details, vendor details, and relative information.

  • Sales

Sales is the core activity in a company that determines the existence of the business itself. The sales module in ERP helps you know the A to Z aspects of the sales from inquiry to sales and history. The module comprises of functions for placement, enquiry management, assignment, sales orders, sales history, planning, and to determine sales rates too.

  • Job Costing

Job costing is the process of tracing and valuing all the related tasks into a single job, project, or account for easier management. This module can also be beneficial to ease out the hectic process of managing the costing involved in a project. It is used to process real-time job cost accounting.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Considering the customer as the king, CRM is the process of automating the entire activities related to a customer or client. It ensures customer satisfaction and maintains the customer relationship through proper planning, allocation, marketing strategies, timely support, follow-ups, and other traceability factors. The module can help boost customer relationships and extend increased support and profitability, and manage resources efficiently.

  • WBS / Estimation

WBS (Work Break-Down Structure) is adopted by companies to categorize the costing considering the effort, cost, components, and other factors in a job or project. This module acts as a project management tool. The tool helps you to prioritize projects and tasks into smaller and manageable activities with the help of measurable inputs, outputs, schedules, availability or resources, and assigned responsibilities. It I focused on the deliverable breakdown of a project.

  • WMS / PDA

WMS (Warehouse Management System) & PDA (Process Data Acquisition) provide industry-specific solutions, scalable and flexible workflow, qualitative and focused reporting. The module supports daily operational activities including orders, work monitoring, inventor status, and provide with real-time information.

  • HR & Payroll

HR & Payroll is a refined functional module to manage the attendance, leaves, overtime, allowances, deductions, fines, end-of-service benefits, and all other employee-related accounting in an organization effectively. The module assists the HR team to manage employee information efficiently and generate employee related information in a single click.

  • Production & Manufacturing

Production & Manufacturing is an important module to facilitate automation across the entire manufacturing process and helps to improve operational efficiency and productivity. This module helps in realizing the processes by which raw materials are transformed into finished goods. It helps in managing the inventory, production controls, packing, shipping, export, delivery, new orders and different integrated processes.

  • Fixed Asset Management

Managing your fixed assets is made easy with this module of the ERP which includes costing, asset registry, inventory, depreciation etc. The module provides you with tools and information required to manage your assets, tax reporting, history, inventory controls, preventive maintenance modules, and to streamline entire processes.

  • Facility Management

The entire facility management services including customized operations, billing, notification, reports, service history etc. can be automated and directed through an ERP like RealSoft. The module also allows you to manage facilities across different locations & zones, manage & and equipment, record and assign repairs & maintenance, and labor management.

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