Pharmacy ERP Software

ERP software for Pharmaceutical industry

Each part of the healthcare industry is constantly developing. At the same time, the pharmaceutical industry is facing several business challenges that need special care. If you want your pharmaceutical industry’s works and delivery activities run effortlessly as possible, you can choose an ERP. A specialized ERP will definitely meet and achieve all your concerns.

The Coral PharmaSuit POS system is specially designed for the pharmaceutical industry. With the backend ERP, all the significant data can be integrated, making it stress-free to access the latest pharmaceutical details and records. This centralized system is nontoxic since no information is spread over multiple systems where data might be discarded in transition.

To make medicines or drugs available in the market, it is necessary to ensure high quality in planning, production, and placement phases. Also, pharmacies handle and distribute medicinal products as per so many rules and regulations. Therefore, consumers are searching for healthcare products of the best quality. The Coral PharmaSuit POS system accomplishes your current needs. Besides, your business can afford our advanced and reliable technologies and can grow with us.

What Coral PharmaSuit offers?

It can track the activities of a pharmacy or set of pharmacies while improving other business practices. In the pharmaceutical industry, recording the entire historical data of medicines and the associated documentation is essential for future audit checks and study. Also, the design of ingredients is as much as serious to regulate the price and usefulness of a medicine.  Coral PharmaSuit has modules committed to monitoring material wastage and checking inventory levels. The module classifies material needs for production and replenishment, suppliers of the medicines, manages the multiple pharmaceutical outlets, resolves inventory balances and generates the status reports periodically.

  • The POS system manages medical products in the most accurate way. It helps to group and search products and boxed items through diverse dimensions, classifications, batch number, product description, quantity in the pack, expiry date, daily dose and more. Each and every feature are observed precisely and any mismatches won’t let you make a purchase. Because whether medicine is close to the expiration date or past their expiration date, that medication should never be used. So pick and pack orders by the expiration date will assist to ship out every product that is expiring soon.
  • The pharmaceutical ERP system supports companies that are structured into various divisions or business units, ranging from sales, marketing, and manufacturer up to supplier. Consequently, there will be loads of data available from each department and this information can be synchronized using our Smart Linking feature. For example, Pharmaceutical data can be recorded in a single place and retrieved from anywhere using the Smart Linking module available with PharmaSuit solution. It will coordinate your POS database both offline and online. You can keep your database management centrally from the server and Smart Linking will push the detail to the outlets automatically.
  • The ability to scan extended level of bar codes, optional customer display posts and information-rich printed receipts improve accountability, promotes consistency, reduces keypad errors and makes checkout operations faster.

Pharmaceutical ERP Software (Highlights)

  • Execution of ERP systems gives transparency to business activities and allow businesses to function more proficiently and profitably
  • The system keeps an entire record of the patient, medicine and its supplier/manufacturer information, prescription, claim submissions, and the billing that took place throughout the day/month/year that is useful for the future references
  • It monitors denied claims and renews them to get maximum reimbursement
  • It allows improved decision-making: executives have visibility to real-time and precise information
  • Helps to attain higher production, extreme accuracy, and safety for all processes at the time of integration
  • On-line reconciliation to reduce write-offs and prices thereby to boost revenues
  • Appropriate and target data feedback system for decision support
  • Notifies about the medicines nearing the expiry date, newly introduced drugs and any updates of existing drugs
  • Reduce the operational work through automatic alerts between divisions and subdivisions
  • Enables customization of software and the prescription drug labels that makes the handlings effortless
  • By stock taking tool, the stock will be categorized and stock status will be warned. As the month ends, you can tally the profits created by the stock movement.
  • Wastage removal through expiry notifications and expiry control
  • Up-to-date costing which ties into consistent margin reporting and inventory assessments
  • You can accomplish the purchase request and order request of the drug
  • Manages the inventory control through barcode and batch-wise inventory
  • Little time is required to document and store batch records
  • Verifies the physical stock and consumed items can be replaced by maintaining proper stock management
  • The Insurance module can be used for the automatic estimation of charges for different Insurance Plans
  • VAT module is also available for the accounting
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